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With Hello Wash, let your car wash Phone experience shine by using our human-like AI phone service to answer every call and complete every phone task!

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Why AI Phone Answering?

As a car wash operator, you're no stranger to the flood of calls from customers. We get it—it's a lot. That's where we step in, ensuring every call is handled and every phone task taken care of.

Answering The Phone

Car Wash locations still get a lot of phone calls and most of them go un-answered. Answering the phone shows that you care.

Labor Shortage

It's very hard to find people to do the important stuff, let alone answer the phone. Use us to answer every call!

Cost Savings

Manning the phones can be expensive, imagine paying someone just to answer the phone when they can be doing a million other more important tasks.

Lost Revenue

When you don't answer your phone, that leads to lost revenue because they will call somewhere else!

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Our approach


24/7 AI Answering

Provides round-the-clock assistance to answer common queries, ensuring that customers can get help even outside of regular business hours


Interacts Like A Human

our AI allows customers to speak naturally, as they would to a human, and the AI can understand and respond appropriately without requiring specific keywords or phrases.


Task Completion

Our AI can take messages, send texts, set appointments, and much more...


Easy Set-Up

Our set-up is easy and implementation is painless

By The Numbers!

Labor Hours Saved
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Calls Answered
Dollars Saved

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